Ways to Activate Windows 7

What are the 4 ways to activate Windows 7?

When you install Windows 7 into your computer, you need to go through many steps to activate it. However, not each of them works accordingly on every PC. Also to note, you have to activate it within a month from installation, for the software to work effectively. 

The following are the different ways you can do so. 

1. Normal Activation (Using The Internet)

This is the most traditional form of activating Windows 7 on your computer and requires a good internet connection for it to work. The main thing that you would require is your windows 7 product key, which is a 25-digit code. And the steps to getting it to operate are very simple. 

They are as follows. 

  • The first thing that you should do on your open Home Screen is to click on the ‘Start’ option. 
  • A dialog box full of options would appear and you need to press on the ‘Control Panel’ option. Similarly, you can right-click on the ‘Computer’ button and select ‘Properties’ from the options that emerge. If neither works, an alternate way is to click on the Windows button and the Pause button on your keyboard at the same time. 
  • When the dialogue box surfaces, select the option that says Windows Activation. This, in turn, would open another dialogue box, where many commands are available. You should click on the Activate Windows online option. 
  • The next selection that would appear is the Product Key information. You would notice a space to enter your product key code. You should do so and press the ‘Next’ button.  
  • It is important to note if your internet is in good condition. If not, the command would not work; if yes, the process would continue automatically.

In case you do not have your product key, you should buy a new code. The option for that you would find in the Activate Windows dialogue box. 

2. Activation Through Modem

Another step you can go forward with is to use the Modem service. 

  • First, select the Start button>Computer>Properties. As an alternate, select on the Control Panel option>Activate Windows. 
  • When the dialogue box appears, you should select the ‘Show me other ways to activate’ option. 
  • After doing so, the command to enter your Product Key would arrive. Enter it and then select ‘Next’. 
  • Choose the option that asks you to pick the modem for a direct connection to activation. A prompt for confirmation may appear. If it does, you should put in your Admin ID and select ‘Confirm’. 
  • They would ask you for the location and you should select yours. Your system would try to connect with your modem and things would work out after a few minutes.

3. Activation With Phone 

In case the usual steps for activating Windows 7 does not work out, you can use your phone connection instead. It is easy to operate and is very similar to the regular method. However, there are some other steps that you need to follow thereafter. 

  • The first step of using this method of activation is to press the Start>Control Panel>Activate Windows options. An alternate way to do so is to right-click on the Computer option>Properties.
  • While the next step is usually to select the Activate Windows option, you should click the ‘Show me other ways to activate’ instead. 
  • The space to enter the Product Key code would appear, and you should enter it. Following that, select the ‘Next’ button. 
  • Here, the process shifts. If your network is not available, many other options would rise. You should select the one that says ‘Use the automated phone system’. 
  • The command bar would ask you to enter the Admin password. You need to put it in and then choose ‘Okay’. 
  • The next option you would get is to select your location ID. Thereafter, you would get the list of numbers that you can call. An installation ID number would also appear. 
  • Use your phone to call the toll free number that appears on your screen. It is an automated service and this system would help you through the steps. They would ask you for the Installation ID, which you can find on the screen. 
  • Enter it on your phone’s keypad, and you would receive a confirmation ID. After getting so, note it down and then enter it in the area at the bottom of the dialog box asking for the Confirmation ID. 
  • Click on ‘Next’; then, Windows would activate automatically. 

However, if it does not, you can discuss so with the support team on the phone.  

4. Use Activators

In case the regular method does not work effectively, you can use the windows activators available online. These are not a part of Windows but they try to mimic its properties. Also, they attempt to work in seeding out your windows key from somewhere in your registry files. Overall, they run by changing the root of the Windows registry files. 

All in all, these methods are good ways to activate Windows 7 on your PC. You should choose the one you prefer and follow the steps carefully.