ALGS Meta Shifts: Seer Set to Reclaim Spotlight After Bangalore and Bloodhound Changes

Seer Set to Reclaim Spotlight

In the world of Apex Legends, a dynamic duo like Bangalore and Bloodhound has long held a strategic edge. Bangalore’s smoke screens, coupled with Bloodhound’s ultimate ability to see through them, created a simple yet powerful synergy. However, recent updates are shaking things up, and it looks like Seer might be making a comeback in the ALGS meta. With all the changes, it’s an exciting time to place your bets on your favorite teams and strategies at 1xbet, where you can stay ahead of the game’s evolving meta.

Bangalore and Bloodhound: The Game-Changing Updates

Apex Legends’ Double Take event brought some significant changes to the abilities of Bangalore and Bloodhound, fundamentally altering their gameplay. For Bangalore, enemies within her smoke are now visible as white outlines to other players also inside the smoke. This change doesn’t extend to those outside the smoke, but it still significantly impacts Bangalore’s utility, both in combat and team strategy. It makes it easier for teams to engage in clean fights within the smoke while keeping the action hidden from outside observers.

On the other hand, Bloodhound’s ultimate ability has seen a notable nerf. No longer able to see through smoke or gas, enemies will only be highlighted in red if Bloodhound has a direct line of sight. This alteration reduces the effectiveness of the Bangalore-Bloodhound combo, which has been a staple for many players.

Impact on Casual and Professional Play

These updates are shaking the foundations for both casual players and ALGS pros. Bangalore and Bloodhound have always been popular choices, with Bloodhound currently the fourth most-picked legend and Bangalore at sixth, according to Apex Legends Status. Their popularity is even more pronounced in ALGS play, where Bloodhound and Bangalore have near-universal pick rates across major regions.

With the changes, the synergy between Bangalore’s smokes and Bloodhound’s ultimate is no longer as powerful. This shift is likely to lead teams to reconsider their strategies, opening the door for Seer to step back into the limelight.

Seer: The Old Recon King Returns

Recon characters are invaluable in Apex Legends, and Seer’s abilities make him a prime candidate to fill the void left by Bloodhound’s Nerf. Seer’s ultimate provides those crucial “diamond” scans in smokes and gas, benefiting the entire team. Despite being nerfed in 2023, Seer’s recent upgrades in season 20 have restored much of his utility, making him a strong contender in the current meta.

Professional players love recon characters because of the critical information they provide. Knowing where other teams are and having access to recon beacons can significantly influence team rotations and strategy. With the changes to Bangalore and Bloodhound, teams are likely to experiment with a Bangalore-Seer combo in upcoming ALGS matches.

The Future of Bloodhound in ALGS

While Bloodhound may remain a popular choice for casual players, their future in ALGS looks bleak. The nerf to Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt ultimately means that teams will likely move away from the legend in favor of more effective alternatives like Seer.

Final Words

The recent updates to Bangalore and Bloodhound have set the stage for a shifting meta in Apex Legends. Seer is poised to reclaim his spot as the top recon legend, offering teams the crucial information they need to succeed. As the ALGS landscape evolves, it will be interesting to see how players adapt and which new strategies emerge.